Importance of Following the Best Liquid Diet Meal Plan

uid diet meal plan

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For those who are on strict liquid diet meal plan, the main aim is to achieve 1,350 up to 1,500 calories, as well as 45 grams of protein per day. As explained by medical experts, full liquid diet could suffice the body, since it could render pertinent nutrition. It’s possible to have this kind of diet for a long span of time. When under this kind of liquid diet, the medical practitioner may prescribe certain supplements and vitamins. Because of the safeness of this diet plan, it is commonly used by people with Diabetes however; they are under strict monitoring of their doctor.

All about Clear Liquid Diet Colonoscopy

clear liquid diet for colonoscopy

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There are many types of diets available and each one is with a purpose.  In the medical field, a clear liquid diet colonoscopy is often prescribed. What is a clear liquid diet and what are its uses? And why is it recommended before a colonoscopy? What is the purpose of a clear liquid diet before a colonoscopy? What are examples of the foods to include in a clear liquid diet? Can you give me an example of a meal plan for a clear liquid diet?

Importance of Using Healthy Liquid Diet Recipes

healthy liquid diet recipes

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It is best to take something on an hourly basis if possible. This is why you have to learn more about the healthy liquid diet recipes. The following includes the drinks that you should take during the day: ice pops, plain gelatine, clear soda such as sprite, light coloured fruit juice that is strained with no pulp such as apple juice and grape juice, honey, water, tea with nothing added, sports drinks like Gatorade and fat free broth. On the day of your scheduled colonoscopy, you shouldn’t consume any food the day prior to your operation, and you shouldn’t eat or drink anything between two or three hours before your colonoscopy. In this way, your colon will be checked or viewed properly.

Clear Liquid Diet Menu: Liquids that Can be Taken to Avoid Starving

clear liquid diet menu

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Suffice to say, there are a myriad of types of clear liquid diet menu nowadays. For several people, liquid diet seems to be weird. They’re thinking, how can a person get full by just drinking a liquid, let’s say, a smoothie? Nevertheless, liquid diet is not only for those who want to lose weight. As a matter of fact, it is a standard post-operation rule after an abdominal surgery, or any type of surgical operation which is near the abdominal area. However, today, many utilize a restrictive liquid diet to achieve what they think is optimal body and weight. Many want to know the liquids that they can take, so that they can nail this kind of diet, without starving.

Getting into a Successful Weight Loss Liquid Diet

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Weight loss diet is not merely needed for a person to be sexy; others need it to keep their body healthy and safe from any instances. There is a specific type of weight loss diet each person needs, and one of it is the weight loss liquid diet. There are many people who are looking for a liquid weight loss diet as a solution for their occurring problems. It can be very important for them as this may give them serious health consequences. You should be aware that this type of diet is not really safe and could be possibly fatal, depending on your body’s health.

Importance of Full Liquid Diet Recipes

full liquid diet recipes

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The usual full liquid diet recipes or clear liquid diet menu entails consuming the following food items: For breakfast: 1 cup of tea or coffee  without any kind of dairy product, a glass of fruit juice, a cup of broth, and 1 bowl of gelatine. For morning snacks: a bowl of gelatine and a glass of fruit juice. For lunch: a glass of water, a glass of fruit juice, 1 cup of broth and 1 bowl of gelatine. For afternoon snacks: An ice pop without fruit pulp and a cup of tea or coffee (doesn’t have dairy products) or soft drink.

Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy: Preparing for the Procedure


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Following a liquid diet for colonoscopy is part of what you need to do in preparation for the said procedure. A day or two prior to the routine examination, you might be required to consume clear liquids only. These clear liquids refer to liquid food you can easily see through. When they are placed in a glass bowl or some other transparent container, you can see the container through the substance.

What You Need To Know About a Liquid Protein Diet Plan

liquid protein diet plan

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These days, losing weight can be achieved more easily through a liquid protein diet plan. If you are one of those who want a leaner and well-toned frame, you can opt for this kind of diet program. Liquid protein diet programs are packed with vitamins and minerals, aside from proteins. The liquid protein meals are designed to supplement your current diet to provide you with all the essential nutrients. The liquid protein weight loss plan aims to provide you with a good head start to your day. This kind of diet regimen aims to help you have enough energy for a longer period of time. Weight loss can be hastened with the help of this program. However, you will need to follow a long-term fitness regime to keep you from gaining back weight once you get off the program.